I wrote this exercise because I wanted to give my students some practice in paragraphing. The idea was to produce an online version of the standard kind of exercise where students divide a piece of continuous text into different paragraphs. It’s pretty simple stuff – the user is told how many paragraphs there are and can make a paragraph by clicking at the end of a sentence. Choices can be changed and when the user is satisfied they can check their answers. They get overall feedback and can also get feedback about right or wrong choices at a click. They can continue the task until they are successful.

This exercise has been redesigned and substantially rewritten, prior to developing the authoring tool.

As this is an exercise type that is quite simple, but is also one I use quite a lot at certain times of the academic year, I have made an authoring tool which is in Beta, with release hopefully in March 2013. More details can be found at http://whitetower.e-lang.co.uk.

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