Following a change of hosting service I have had to completely reorganise this site. I am now using Word Press rather than Movable Type, and it seems a lot easier/better to use. I am still working on the design and layout of the site, so for the time being many things may not work as expected.

While many of the CALL activities do work, the navigation links have not been updated, so the done / home buttons will generate errors.

One thing I have not been able to do yet is archive the main page – at the moment every single entry is displayed. There must be a way of doing this.

Also, I have not found out how to set up multiple blogs – having just one page is a bit limiting. One work around would be to use a single weblog but set it up so that different categories are displayed on different pages.


One Response to A new start

  1. Matt Ledding says:

    Like your IPA a lot, and that you are using javascript for Language learning.

    Do you use leverage JS with google docs now that scripting is allowed via JavaScript? It looks super interesting…

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