I have had a lot of useful feedback about my ‘Phonemic Hangman’ activity. As a result I have made some changes which I hope will make it easier to use.

First of all, I have included a short introduction to strategy for playing phonemic hangman. Phonemic Hangman is as simple to play as any conventional Hangman activity, but it does require a different playing strategy. The aim of this introduction is to get users to think about the most common sounds in English, so that they can make useful guesses.

I have also incorporated a hints button. This allows the player to get help for one phonemic symbol at a cost of one life, and a further symbol at a cost of two lives. I am not sure whether one or two hints is best.

I have also changed it so that the spelling of the word is shown as well as it’s phonemic transcription.

Hopefully these changes will make the activity easier to use without changing the overall goal of the activity. Please give it a try – I would be grateful for any feedback.



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