This is the last exercise type in my series of exercises designed to practice phonemic script. This exercise works like conventional hangman, with the difference that the words to be guessed need to be ‘spelled’ using phonemic symbols, entered with the buttons in the web-page.

Phonemic hangman is a lot more difficult than the conventional version. The exercise allows seven wrong guesses, but this could be increased to make the task easier. All the words are connected with family relationships. Grouping words by theme means that this exercise can be used to recycle vocabulary. It also encourages the student to think, rather than just click randomly. Can you think of any other ways that the words could be grouped?

I have used numbers rather than the traditional gallows – I would like a better visual metaphor but have not been able to come up with one. Any suggestions?

The exercise is at:

I would appreciate your feedback – you can use the “Report” button to post feedback to this weblog. I am sure there are bugs which I have yet to find.


2 Responses to Phonemic Hangman

  1. linda jon says:

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    this is the answer that was displayed

  2. grankageva says:

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    ok, well to be honest I tried the lot and failed miserably on every one. Totally demotivated, to be honest. I like the idea, but I’d love it to be a lot easier, so that I could use it as a learning tool. This way I just give up and start to click at random, and think oh yeah….perhaps if you could make an easy stage for dummies? Or give us the word, so we just have to find the phonemes? My pronunciation doesn’t match the standard one half the time anyway, even if i did know the word.

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